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Winter Storm: Northern California weather closes roads and shuts down businesses

On Interstate 80 heading toward Nevada, the winter storm and feet of snow has caused roads and businesses to close.

EMIGRANT GAP, Calif. — The winter storm hovering over Northern California dumped snow and lots of rain, causing slick roads, low visibility, accidents and many businesses to see little foot traffic.

On Interstate 80 heading toward Nevada, multiple spin outs have caused roads to close due to the accumulation of snow on the ground.

"I was going to get off to come get some breakfast this morning, and I couldn't even get off the exit because it was so packed with snow," said Josh Saunders, who works part-time plowing roads. 

He says he’s working somewhere close to 14 hours a day to help clear roads.

“I've just been in equipment all day and plowing snow all day," said Saunders.

Businesses are even closing early because of the low rate of customers.

“We've been open since 7 a.m., and we've made $151, so that's why we're closing," said Charlotte Cain, manager of Burger King in Emigrant Gap.

However, not everyone is staying home. Corey Reynolds and his wife decided to celebrate their 10-year anniversary by taking a family road trip toward Truckee. Reynolds says he wasn’t expecting to get caught in the snow storm, but he and his family are pleasantly surprised.

"We didn't have much to do. I took the day off, so we decided to just go for a drive and it happens to be snowing,” said Reynolds. “It certainly puts the icing on the cake for anniversaries. It’s better than the rain."

Saunders wants to emphasize these conditions are dangerous and encourages all drivers to be ready for the unexpected when heading toward the mountains.

"Always check I-80, especially through the pass. It gets pretty bad, I've crashed before off the road. It gets scary, and I have a 4-wheel drive truck, so make sure you've got your chains," said Saunders. "Be safe when you're on the side of the freeway when you're putting your chains on because people slide and it gets dangerous." 

Caltrans suggests people stay home and do not take I-80 unless absolutely necessary. 

If drivers do plan to head up during the storm, remember the speed limit for these conditions is 30 mph and chain controls are in effect. People should pack lots of warm clothing and food and water, just in case. 

Prepare for long delays and track the storm and traffic changes HERE.

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