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District Attorney's Office files charges against Winters city council member

Councilman Richard Casavecchia is slated to appear in court for a hearing on May 17.

WOODLAND, Calif. — The Yolo County District Attorney's Office has filed one misdemeanor and two felony weapons charges against Winters City Council member Richard Casavecchia.

Prosecutors first filed one charge of possession of a firearm without an identifying mark on April 4. 

Days later, prosecutors said they were made aware of a traffic stop involving Casavecchia and a subsequent search of his home.

During the traffic stop in Yolo County, prosecutors say Casavecchia admitted to having guns in a container on his passenger seat.

Officers found three handguns in a case inside of his truck, according to court documents. Prosecutors allege one of the guns did not have a serial number or identifying information.

Later that day, officers went to Casavecchia's home to collect the rest of his guns. At his home, officers found two AR-15 style rifles that were not inside a case and another AR-15 rifle inside a case with two magazines and four rounds in a box.

Officers found out two of the rifles were not registered to Casavecchia. 

The two rifles were described in court documents as a camo-colored Spike's Tactical ST15m with a pistol grip, telescoping stock and a flash suppressor, and a Shadow Ops Weaponry LLC )SOW) SHDW-15B with a pistol grip, telescoping stock and flash suppressor.

The findings of the search led prosecutors to file new charges Friday. The charges include two counts of possession of an assault weapon and one count of possession, purchase or sale of a firearm without identifying marks.

During an arraignment on the initial charge on April 5, Casavecchia entered a not guilty plea. A hearing for the case with the new charges is scheduled for May 17 at 9 a.m.

Casavecchia did not immediately respond to a request for comment Saturday.

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