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Yuba County woman allegedly assaulted by DoorDash delivery driver

"I was just shocked because nobody’s ever, no stranger has ever reached out and touched my breast like that," said Lydia Breitenfeldt.

LINDA, California — A Yuba County woman says she was sexually assaulted by a delivery driver working for DoorDash. The company says the driver has been removed from their platform, but the victim is still in shock.

Lydia Breitenfeldt ordered lunch to her Linda home Friday afternoon. She says she watched through the peephole as the delivery driver hovered in front of her door for several minutes with her food, instead of dropping the bag off as ordered.

"And he wouldn’t leave, so I opened my door to retrieve my order and he started asking me about my tattoo, and that wasn’t really all that weird until he started reaching out and rubbing my arm, and touching my tattoos," Breitenfeldt said. 

Breitenfeldt said the man pointed out the tattoo on her breast and began groping her. 

"I was just shocked because nobody’s ever, no stranger has ever reached out and touched my breast like that," Breitenfeldt said. She reported the incident to local police and DoorDash.

In a statement a DoorDash spokesperson said, "What has been reported is appalling and we immediately removed the Dasher from our platform. We have contacted the customer to offer our support and stand ready to assist law enforcement with their investigation in any way we can."

This is not the only case of alleged delivery driver assault in Northern California in recent weeks. In June, an Amazon Driver was charged with attempted rape after attacking a woman in Turlock.

Safety expert Lori Osmond teaches self-defense classes to empower people.

"So we need something to protect ourselves, and we also need to educate our men to not assault. What a concept, right?" Osmond said. 

Osmond says it's important for victims to know that it's not their fault. 

"So I tell people, that was not your fault. You did not choose that. And to report. This lady did a fantastic job of reporting, because if she didn’t, what’s he going to do? He’s going to go on and do it again," Osmond said. 

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