An El Dorado County jury convicted a woman for severely scalding another woman with hot dog water back in 2016.

The jury found Shantaraha Dawn Coffer guilty of felony assault with intent to inflict great bodily injury. The attack occurred back in August 2016. According to police, Coffer was at a home boiling a pot of water to cook hot dogs when the victim arrived with some friends.

Investigators say the victim was attacked almost as soon as she came inside the house, with Coffer first throwing the boiling water on her. Coffer then physically attacked the victim until other people inside the house restrained her.

The victim suffered severe burns to her face, neck, chest, arm and side, that left her permanently scarred, according to police. She testified against Coffer during the trial, as did other witnesses inside the house that day.

A sentencing date has been set for August 20, 2018. Until then, Coffer will remain in the El Dorado County Jail.