This year, ABC10 is partnering with Habitat for Humanity. It was through this partnership that we met Della Reed, a woman who almost lost everything until habitat volunteers stepped in to help.

For Della, everything in her Sacramento home is a memory. From items from her grandparents, to possessions of her late husband Bill, a veteran, father and her love for nearly 30 years.

“A small home holds as much happiness as a big one,” Della Reed said.

According to its website, National Make A Difference Day is an annual community service event on the fourth Saturday in October, which is this weekend. Millions of people across the county unite in the common mission to improve the lives of others.

"This was us at a concert in the park," Della said, while looking at a photo. "We look like blind mice because we have color changing glasses. it was probably one of the last pics of him before he started getting really sick.”

In the years that followed, fighting Bill's illness was all that mattered.

“Everything had to be let go when Bill got sick because he was the priority," Della said. "Nothing else could be done.”

Bill died in 2015 and Della was worried she would lose her house, too.

“When a really bad rain and wind came, you could literally see pieces coming off [the house]," Della said.

The siding was falling off, the porches falling down and the roof needed repair. The list of problems she could no longer afford to put off grew, while she still couldn't afford to fix them, either.

"Financially, it wasn't going to happen," Della said. "I called every number I could think of to ask for help."

Then Della saw a story about Habitat for Humanity and their program to help low-income homeowners repair home.

Della’s application was eventually accepted and over the past few months, Della opened her home to hundreds of volunteers

“They just swarmed the place and everyone was doing something," Della said.

The volunteers repaired the new roof and siding, added more insulation, and even put trim around the windows.

And while the outside of her home now has a whole fresh look, it's what was saved on the inside that means the most.

“It means everything to me to have my home," Della said. "Now I will live out the remainder of my life in my home with my memories.“

It was a construction project that restored more than just a home.

“It seems extreme, but I do believe that Habitat for Humanity saved my life because I was desperate," Della said. "I was feeling very, very hopeless like there's no hope, there's no hope. But there was hope. there really are people in the world that care."

ABC10, together with Habitat for Humanity, is helping build a home for some people in need. You can stop by the build site to get information about how to get involved and training for later volunteering, or even just to say "hello."

Make A Difference Day 2017
Saturday, Oct. 28, 2017
3821 43rd Ave., between 43rd Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Build time: 8:00-11:30 a.m.