This court of peer review offers no public trial, no jail time, no fines, or even a sentencing for that matter.

Since 2013, the Yolo County District Attorney’s office has run the restorative justice program known as the Neighborhood Court.

Those accused of low-level crimes like public intoxication, petty theft, or possession are eligible if they have no priors, the crime happened in Davis, and they have the victim’s consent.

The goal is to give the offender the chance to make things right with the community and victims.

"This is really an attempt to find a better way,” said Nicole Kirkaldy, a paralegal with the Yolo County District Attorney’s office. “To find an alternative way that's really going to help people who committed an offense… Changer the behavior."

Kirkaldy runs the training program for the volunteer program. All panelists must go through a full day training program to be a part of the program.

For more information on the Neighborhood Court program visit their website.