Between comic book characters like Green Arrow and Hawkeye -- to recent literary archers like Katniss Everdeen, and traditional marksmen like Robin Hood and Legolas -- archery is growing in popularity.

So is the much less dangerous form: Archery Tag.

“Archery tag would be a version of paintball with less," said Keith Sutton, a licensee for Archery Tag in Rocklin. "I say, less mess and less pain.”

The game started in started in the Midwest, Sutton said, and it starting to grow on the West Coast.

Two teams of five compete. Each person is equipped with a bow, foam-tipped arrows and blow up bunkers. You can play it two ways: elimination style, like dodge ball, or you can play for points.

Sutton says for a full length pull, an arrow travels 90-feet-per-second.

“I thought it might hurt," first-time player Mark Cullum said. "Sometimes you get hit in the face a little bit but it was really fun overall."

“It’s unique. It’s different,” says Logan Villanueva, also a first-timer.

Archery Tag has its own patent and is available to play in 30 countries in California -- it started back in 2011.

Sutton’s franchise is the first and only location in the Greater Sacramento area.

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