A total of 16 golden retrievers, who are comfort dogs with Lutheran Church Charities, were sent to Las Vegas from all over the country after the tragic concert shooting. There are also more on the way.

Reuben, who is from Yuba City, is one of the 16. This week, he visited hospitals, a counseling center, casino and attended vigils to help people grieving.

"Reuben's role is to bring a little mercy and compassion and comfort to people who are hurting," said James Casner, Reuben's handler.

Some people who stopped by to pet the dogs at a bus stop on Las Vegas Boulevard said it's incredible seeing the compassion and generosity of people in the city.

However, it's not all work for the dogs. They do get to play when their vests come off.

There is no charge for businesses to ask for the dogs to come. It's all paid through donations.