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Millennials are killing... soda

The low or no calorie Sprite, Fanta and Coke saw higher demand, but you can’t beat a burger and soda. It’s a classic!

Stop us if you've heard this one before — millennials are killing a thing that Americans have long since loved for one reason or another. This time, they're killing sodas.

Soda stocks dropped by one percent in 2018 in North America. The reason? In the last 10 years, soda sales have declined in favor of bottled water or flavored seltzer drinks, like San Pellegrino. 

But you can’t say they’re killing all soda. Low or no calorie sodas like Sprite, Fanta, and Coke Zero saw higher demand, pivoting to a more health-conscious move. 

You can’t beat a burger and Coke. It’s a classic combination.

However, there's other reasons soda is on the decline. With so many options for drinks now — from coffee and tea seeing an increase in sales, to water and sports drinks becoming more in demand — healthier options are at the forefront of a millennials' purchasing priority

So are millennials killing soda? Not really. There are so many more options to choose from, and they’re just opting for the healthier options.

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