The massive winter storm known as a "Bomb Cyclone" taking over the east coast has prompted a rather odd warning from the National Weather Service in Boston.

Hurricane force winds of 50 to 70 miles per hour have created waves of 20 to 25 feet along the coast, causing ocean water to flood roads as tides surge.

Add in sub-zero temperatures, and icebergs have begun forming (and floating) down the main streets of the city.

One Twitter image in particular seems to have raised the ire of the National Weather Service in Boston.

A reporter for a local news station in Boston is seen apparently standing on one of the aforementioned icebergs (which she disputes - we'll get to that in a moment) in a Tweet.

The National Weather Service quoted this image and calmly warned the public, "We do not recommend going out and floating on icebergs."

Seems reasonable.

In response to being called out on social media by the National Weather Service, the reporter shown in the Twitter post Tweeted back that she was safely on dry land and standing on sea ice which was on the pavement, with water behind her.

Either way, the NWS' advice is rather sage: don't float on icebergs.

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