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Nike ad showing woman's armpit hair draws mixed reviews

Some were incensed. Some were inspired. Some saw it as marketing genius.

A Nike ad showing a woman with unshaven armpit hair is drawing praise and criticism.

The ad posted on the Nike Women Instagram account shows Nigerian-American singer Annahstasia Enuke wearing a sports bra and one arm over her head. Her exposed armpit shows some body hair.

As of Friday morning, it had received over 181,000 likes and over 6,000 comments.

There were those who loved it.

"Yes! Absolute perfection. Natural. Love this" -- nosugarchick

"Love this pic. Loving Nike more every time they produce an ad like this. Challenge society norms! You rock" -- tracemontague

"Yes Nike! Body hair is NATURAL and Beautiful maybe not beautiful to all but it is sure as hell natural" -- ashaction

There were those who hated it.

"This is gross." -- smokeairdiesel

"I get that is natural but it's ROTTEN DISGUSTING!!! But delighted she's proud!! :)))))))" -- lunarclipse

"Okay everyone knows we have body hair and sometimes we don't get rid of it, out of laziness or personal choice but there's no need to show something everyone's aware of" -- axaaltaf

And then there were those who noted that this kind of buzz is exactly what Nike was going for.

"That's one way to get a lot of traffic on Nike's page. If her armpit had been shaved, no one would be commenting on anything other than the bra. Advertising genius. Cute bra though" -- chelbaltz

Credit: TEGNA
A screenshot from the Nike Women Instagram account shows singer and model Annahstasia Enuke.