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Sacramento Ukrainian organization is sending body armor to Ukraine

Co-founder of Ukrainian American house said civilians need to protect themselves almost everywhere in Ukraine right now.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The people of Ukraine are in need of many things right now but many people don’t think about body armor. Now, a Sacramento-based Ukrainian American organization is working to send body armor vests abroad.

Stephan Skotz, the co-founder of Ukrainian American House in Rancho Cordova, learned about the need when a fellow Ukrainian told him about a friend being killed by a bullet while evacuating.

Skotz said there’s a list of priorities for civilians and protection is high on that list.

“I want to say food, medicine, and body vests. For emergency, for evacuation people, for helping people, for the field,” said Skotz.

He said there are two main ways people can help get body armor to Ukraine: 

1. They can send money through uahouse.org 

2. They can bring body armor they already own to the Ukrainian American House headquarters in Rancho Cordova.

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