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Stockton area veterans heading to Ukraine to provide aid as war drags on

"What compels me is just doing the right thing. When there's a human need and if you have the ability to help, I will help. That's just my nature."

STOCKTON, Calif. — Two Marine Corps veterans from Stockton are getting ready to head overseas to help provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine as the war continues.

Richard Campos and Michael L. Emerson from the Stockton area are getting ready to travel thousands of miles away to provide humanitarian aid in Ukraine. The two are expected to leave in June.

This is Campos' fifth trip to the country. He started going in April of last year, around two months after the conflict first began.

"What compels me is just doing the right thing," said Campos. "When there's a human need and if you have the ability to help, I will help. That's just my nature."

Since then, he's brought hundreds of supplies, including burn cream and tourniquets - one item Campos says there is a big need for.

"A lot of them were getting wounded out there in the front line, and by the time they can get them out of the front line to triage, so they needed tourniquets real bad."

On this trip, Emerson is volunteering as well. He is the Commander of AMVETS, and the commander of the Disabled American Veterans in Stockton.

"As most Americans, we all watch the news and we're seeing all these horrific war crimes that the Russians are doing over there," said Emerson. "And Europe is trying to help, the U.S. is trying to help and the Ukrainians are fighting valiantly to stop the Russians from overpowering their country, and I want to help them as much as I can."

Campos said they will drop off supplies for the military and hospitals in Ukraine as well as meet civilians there on their 11 day trip.

"Being a veteran of the war myself, the Iraq War, our connection with other veterans around the world is very strong," said Campos. "We need to step up and help our brothers and sisters over there."


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