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Where do I vote on Election Day?

Polling places change, which means the last location you voted at might not be the same in 2022. Here's how to find your designated voting location.

WASHINGTON — Election Day is on Tuesday, Nov. 8, meaning millions of voters will head to polling places to cast their ballots. 

If you've already registered to vote in the 2022 election and have a valid ID in hand, all you need to do is find your polling place -- that is if you'll be voting in-person. Many Americans have already voted through early voting or mail-in ballots. 

Polling places aren't permanent, which means the last location you voted at might not be the same in 2022. Here's how to find your designated voting location for the midterm elections.

Where do I vote?

The National Association of Secretaries of State offers a nonpartisan website to help voters figure out if they are eligible to vote and where they can vote. 

The polling locations are based on your address, so make sure you go to the one assigned to you. Schools and community centers typically serve as polling places.

The website USA.gov also has info about finding your polling place and Election Day voting tips, which are available in English and Spanish

How to find your polling place

  1. Open Find Your Polling Place | NASS 
  2. Select your state
  3. Enter your voter information, which can vary from state to state. In Florida, voters must put in first name, last name and a date of birth. However, in California voters only have to provide an address.
  4. Websites also vary from state to state, but a link to voter precincts and locations should be available. You can also find anything from your voter identification number to your voting status. If you're active, it means you are eligible to vote.  

Can I vote online?

No, there is no voting online in federal elections in the U.S., according to USA.gov.

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What are we voting for this election?

Midterm elections are held every two years in between presidential elections.

House members who hold two-year terms are all up for re-election in the midterm elections. About a third of all senators will be on the ballot this year, serving six-year terms.

It is less attention-grabbing than a presidential election, but midterm elections have influenced national politics and predicted major turning points in U.S. history.

Elections this year have the potential to reshape both the balance of power in Washington and which party controls state legislatures across the country through the remainder of President Joe Biden's term.

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