UPDATE: Thanks to the overwhelming response of KENS 5 viewers wanting to help find homes for the abandoned puppies, they have all secured new homes. We thank you for your passion displayed in wanting to save these animals.

Nearly two dozen puppies were found abandoned on the side of a road. On Monday evening, many of those puppies were still looking for a home.

Three women were riding their bikes off a country road on the south side of the city when they discovered the puppies hiding under a dead tree.

"I stopped and turned around and came back and then we saw a slew of puppies," said Mary and Donna, who discovered the animals.

They had no idea there would be so many.

"They were chasing us and I thought there were only six or seven, but when we stopped more kept coming out, and when we unloaded all of them we counted 22," they said.

Mary said the pups seemed hungry, but lucky for them, Mary had food with her.

"I carry dog food when I ride my bicycle and I see a lot of strays so I fed them and they just came running to the food," Mary said.

She was going to take in all 22, but thankfully some people came to the rescue, like Breanna Gray who is a dog groomer. She brought five to a shelter in La Vernia.

"Somebody either got way over their head with puppies or was about to get in trouble with a lot of puppies," Gray said.

But she had to keep one of the pups for herself. She named him Shadow.

Misty Andrews saw the plea for help online.

"There was a Facebook post that said somebody found 22 puppies, and I thought oh my gosh if I found 22 puppies I would need help so I better help," said Andrews, who is fostering some of the puppies for now. "I picked up six last night, then I dropped off some at some friends' house that are sucker fosters."

All of those involved in rescuing these puppies are perplexed about how this could have happened.

"Better alternatives than leaving so many field there's always someone who can help you," Gray said.

"I can't imagine how 22 dogs could end up in this situation. They obviously can't be from one litter," said Andrews, who works for San Antonio Pets Alive, and says in addition to these puppies, if anyone is looking to adopt a dog, they've got plenty to go around.