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Virginia Zoo mourns loss of three-week-old giraffe calf Baby G

The Virginia Zoo's three-week-old giraffe calf Baby G died Saturday after coming down with a serious infection.

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The Virginia Zoo in Norfolk is mourning the loss of giraffe calf Baby G.

"Despite intensive around the clock care and support from Veterinary and Keeper staff" Baby G died early Saturday morning, the zoo said on social media.

Baby G was born October 13 to 5-year-old mom Noelle. He was 123 pounds at birth.

"We had been treating the calf since Wednesday, after we noticed an abrupt change in his behavior and appetite," zoo officials said. "Subsequent blood work showed concerning changes, including a serious infection."

Baby G was given antibiotics, fluids, and plasma transfusions, which help boost the immune systems of neonate giraffe calves that don’t nurse from their mothers right away, the zoo said.

"While our team here is very sad to have lost our calf, we are very grateful for our extremely dedicated Veterinary and Zoo Keeper teams for all their incredible efforts that went into trying to help Baby G," zoo officials said.

The zoo said the mother, Noelle, is doing well — as well as the other two giraffes.

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