Valentine's Day is looking a little furrier this year. 

It's no secret that most Americans love their pets more than life itself. Now a study is backing up that claim. This Valentine's Day, Americans are expected to spend $647 million in gifts for their cats and dogs. 

Yes, you read that right. Americans are spending hundreds of millions on their pets for one holiday.

According to a recent study by, the breakdown shows that Americans will spend an average $81.56 on pet dogs and $95.50 on pet cats.

The website also released their annual "The Real Power of Dog Love" report finding that nearly half of pet parents are planning Valentine's Day festivities for their dog, including buying them a new outfit or buying and baking desserts. 

A recent study shows that Americans are spending almost $100 for a Valentine's Day gift for their pet. #MorningBlend10 Do you spend money on your pet for Valentine's Day? If so, how much? Tell us!...

Don't worry. Your furry friends appreciate all the love and treats. Scientific studies have proven that dogs observe our physical movements and emotional changes. Dogs even watch and wait for moments to gaze and connect with their owners. 

We want to know: Do you spend money on your pets for Valentine's Day? 

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