The infamous mass murderer Charles Manson was hospitalized on Tuesday after being taken from his California prison cell due to an unknown ailment, according to various news reports.

Manson has been in prison over a few decades for the conspiracy to commit murder for seven people. He's now 82 years old serving nine life sentences for his prominent role in the 1969 gruesome "Manson Family" cult murders of know actress Sharon Tate, the LaBianca family and others.

So, with his health currently in question he's once again in the news and for those who don't know the full extent of his background in those murders or why he's in prison, well, here's why.

Born Charles Miles Maddox, Charles Manson gathered a cult-like following, mostly women, then relocated the group to Spahn Ranch establishing that location as their camp base of operations.

The murders lasted through the summer of 1969 starting with the July 1 shooting of a black male, Bernard Crowe, at his Hollywood apartment. Though Crowe survived, this was the start of Manson's hope of starting a race war.

The next murder involved Gary Hinman, an acquaintance of Manson's.

On July 25, Manson sent a few of his members, including Bobby Beausoleil, to Hinman's house to convince him to give up his inheritance. Though there are conflicting reports between the members on what Manson's initial intent was, Beausoleil did stab Hinman to death on the orders from Manson.

Then comes the most notable deaths that occurred on back-to-back days.

Sharon Tate who was seven to eight months pregnant at the time and four other people (Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger, Wojciech Frykowski and Steven Parent) were all gruesomely murdered by members of the Manson family on Aug. 9. Manson did not go but strongly urged them to kill everyone at the house. One of the members, Susan Atkkins, even wrote pig on the door with the victims blood.

The next night on Aug. 10, Manson accompanied a group of his members to the LaBianca household. Despite there being two different accounts by members recounting the beginning of the murder, both involve Manson entering the house and having the couple tied up.

He didn't necessarily commit the act of killing the couple, but he orchestrated the events, which left a gory crime scene. Rosemary LaBianca was stabbed around 41 times, with evidence showing most of those wounds were post-mortem. It's also documented that one of the members, Patricia Krenwinkel, wrote "death to pigs" and other words on the wall with the victim's blood.

Most members of the Manson family, including Charles Manson himself, were sentenced to death in 1971, but in 1972 the sentences were reduced to life with the possibility of parole after the California Supreme Court ruled the death penalty unconstitutional.

With Manson hospitalized, the others involved in those murders are either dead or still serving their sentences. At the end of 2016, Krenwinkel was recently seeking parole for the 14th as she's the longest serving female prisoner on record in California.