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The SCOTUS leak could impact midterm elections, experts weigh in

In Newsom's first public appearance since Politico's investigation, the CA governor said he hopes this drives people to the polls.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Governor Gavin Newsom made his first public appearance Wednesday morning since the draft decision was leaked.

He believes the supreme court won’t stop at rolling back abortion rights and criticized the democratic on the national level too for not doing enough to fight back against the Republicans. 

Newsom thought the headline his staff handed him to read on Monday night was a joke. 

“I said, is this the onion? Is this actually happening? Is this true?" said Newsom. 

He believes this will be a defining moment in the upcoming midterms, above inflation, crime, and other issues. 

“It's a foundational issue," said Newsom. "Everything's built off that fundamental right, freedom.”

While he said the severity of the issue goes beyond an election, he admits he hopes it drives people to the polls. 

“If this doesn’t animate people to get involved," he said. "I don't know what the hell will.”

Political Analyst Steve Swatt said the midterm elections were predicted to be a slaughterhouse for Democrats. 

President Biden with just a 42% approval rating. 

“But this decision has the potential to change the calculus, at least in those districts that are purple in the house, and those states that are purple in the US senate elections," said Swatt. "It is one issue that motivates and galvanizes its voters”

While California is a deep blue state, Swatt said there could still be an impact here. 

“There are some districts in southern California, orange county, for example, that are considered toss-ups," said Swatt. "Two Republicans hold the seats, and it's entirely possible that if the Democrats get motivated on this issue, and turn out in those districts, it could make a difference.”

GOP Strategist Rob Stutzman said the leaked draft will not impact California, and that across the country there are more important issues on the forefront. 

“Republicans have a clear advantage on at the moment," said Stutsman. "Those kitchen table issues related to particularly inflation, high fuel costs, border security, also is polling very high," 

He agreed with Swatt that in purple states there’s a potential for an impact. 

“There's a lot of polling showing that young democrat voters are moving away from the president," said Stutzman. "They're not confident in him, but we also know that younger voters may be more likely to come back to the party over this issue of abortion rights.”

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