1. Hundreds celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day at Diversity Expo

The expo showcased what people are doing to make a positive impact in their communities. This year’s theme was “Hope lives.”

2. Stockton MLK Jr. marchers say more work needs to be done for equality in the country

On a bright, chilly morning, about 100 people marched several blocks from Stockton's Memorial Civic Auditorium Downtown before circling back to the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Plaza across City Hall.

3. "Dr. Martin Luther King and the Sound of Freedom" hits the stage for families at B Street Theater

The Family Series at B Street Theater is producing an original play celebrating some of the unsung heroes of the civil rights movement.

4. Senator Kamala Harris jumps into presidential race

Kamala Harris is a first-term senator and former California attorney general known for her rigorous questioning of President Donald Trump's nominees.

5. Need to Know: Who is Kamala Harris?

Sen. Kamala Harris announced that she plans to run for President of the United States in 2020. Check out some facts about the Senator.

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