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New Scam Alert: Why is your own number calling you?

The  Phoenix Better Business Bureau is warning people about a new scam where scammers are spoofing your own number.

By now, you probably know to be weary of sketchy international numbers, but what would you do if you saw your own number calling you?

People across the country are reporting getting calls from either their exact phone number, or numbers that are just a few digits off.

"Typically, you might not pick up the phone if you don't recognize the number, but if it's your number, it might peek your interest, and so that's what the scammer is banking on," said Felicia Thompson with the Phoenix Better Business Bureau.

As soon as you do pick up, "they'll try and mislead you into thinking they're from the IRS or a government agency or something to make you feel like you have to give up your personal information at that moment," said Thompson.

Do not fall for this, if you see a number similar to your own calling, don't pick up.

You can also join the Do Not Call Registry. Although it won't stop scammers, it can cut down the number of telemarketing and sales calls.

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