2018 Election: California Propositions Explained
Author: Brandon Rittiman
Published: 12:26 PM PDT October 15, 2018
Updated: 7:00 AM PST November 6, 2018
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2018 Election: California Propositions Explained

Chapter 1

California Props 1 - 4: All you need to know about bonds

If Props 1 - 4 all pass, California taxpayers would pay more than $32 billion over the next four decades to finance $16 billion of spending right now. It's up to you to decide if the spending is worth it.

Chapter 2

California Prop 5: Property taxes for seniors

Proposition 5 is about property taxes for seniors older than 55, and a tax break that could lead to $1 billion in lost revenue for local government over time.

Chapter 3

California Prop 6: The gas tax battle

To keep SB-1 or not to keep SB-1. That is the question... among other things.

Chapter 4

California Prop 7: Daylight Saving Time

Federal law does not allow a year-round DST, but states can opt of DST and remain on standard time all year.

Chapter 5

California Prop 8: Dialysis clinics

Proposition 8 will impact dialysis clinics with government regulation on revenue caps and annual reporting requirements.

Chapter 6

California Prop 9: The missing proposition

Here's why there's a missing proposition on California's November ballot.

Chapter 7

California Prop 10: How it would re-invent rent control

Will it make things better or worse? Take a closer look at a proposition that's generating lots of heat on both sides.

Chapter 8

California Prop 11: Emergency ambulance workers

Proposition 11 would impact emergency ambulance workers by no longer entitling them to work breaks without being on-call.

Chapter 9

California Prop 12: An old battle over chickens comes home to roost

Do you know your vote may decide how millions of farm animals will live? Here's how.

For more information, here's a link to the official voter's guide. We hope you're ready to get out there and vote! If you are viewing on the ABC10 app, tap here for multimedia.