2018 Election: California Propositions Explained
Are you prepared to vote on California's 2018 propositions? ABC10's Brandon Rittiman will take you through all 11 of them (plus the one that's not there anymore) so that you're ready for November 6th.
Author: Brandon Rittiman
Published: 12:26 PM PDT October 15, 2018
Updated: 7:00 AM PST November 6, 2018
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2018 Election: California Propositions Explained

Chapter 1

California Props 1 - 4: All you need to know about bonds

If Props 1 - 4 all pass, California taxpayers would pay more than $32 billion over the next four decades to finance $16 billion of spending right now. It's up to you to decide if the spending is worth it.

Chapter 2

California Prop 5: Property taxes for seniors

Proposition 5 is about property taxes for seniors older than 55, and a tax break that could lead to $1 billion in lost revenue for local government over time.

Chapter 3

California Prop 6: The gas tax battle

To keep SB-1 or not to keep SB-1. That is the question... among other things.

Chapter 4

California Prop 7: Daylight Saving Time

Federal law does not allow a year-round DST, but states can opt of DST and remain on standard time all year.

Chapter 5

California Prop 8: Dialysis clinics

Proposition 8 will impact dialysis clinics with government regulation on revenue caps and annual reporting requirements.

Chapter 6

California Prop 9: The missing proposition

Here's why there's a missing proposition on California's November ballot.

Chapter 7

California Prop 10: How it would re-invent rent control

Will it make things better or worse? Take a closer look at a proposition that's generating lots of heat on both sides.

Chapter 8

California Prop 11: Emergency ambulance workers

Proposition 11 would impact emergency ambulance workers by no longer entitling them to work breaks without being on-call.

Chapter 9

California Prop 12: An old battle over chickens comes home to roost

Do you know your vote may decide how millions of farm animals will live? Here's how.

For more information, here's a link to the official voter's guide. We hope you're ready to get out there and vote! If you are viewing on the ABC10 app, tap here for multimedia.