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Recall election: Key dates Californians need to know

It's not June or November, but it is election season with the California Governor recall election underway. Here are all the important dates you need to know.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — It's not June or November, but it is election season in California.

That's because the California gubernatorial recall election is upon us, with the official election day set for Tuesday, Sept. 14. ABC10 compiled a list of all the dates you need to know as we head into this special election.

If you're registered to vote in California, you will receive a ballot for the recall election in the mail. Keep an eye out for your ballot in mid to late August as all California counties must begin mailing ballots by Monday, Aug. 16.

However, some counties may begin mailing their ballots earlier.

Monday, Aug. 16, is also the first day the California Secretary of State said California counties can begin processing returned ballots on their official election computers. 

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Just because you receive a ballot in the mail doesn't mean you have to vote that way. For most counties, you can vote by mail, by ballot drop box or in-person. However, in-person voting center dates differ county by county.

However, you do need to be registered by Monday, Aug. 30, in order to vote by mail. For most California counties, you can still register and vote in-person up to election day, Sept. 14, on a provisional ballot. 

Some counties like Sacramento will have 11-day vote centers that will open on Saturday, Sept. 4. All counties under the Voter's Choice Act will have their in-person voting centers open on Saturday, Sept. 11. Here's a list of counties under the act.

Just a few days later is election on Tuesday, Sept. 14. In-person vote centers will open statewide from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on election day. The absolute last deadline for registered or unregistered voters is that they must be in line by 8 p.m. on election day to cast their vote.

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Tuesday, Sept. 21, is the deadline for ballots to be received in the mail by all California county election's offices. It's important to note, the deadline for mail-in ballots to be received is Sept. 21, but the ballots must be post-marked for election day. So, make sure to get your ballot in the mail by your mail carrier's pick up time on Tuesday, Sept. 14.

Fast forwarding a couple weeks and Thursday, Oct. 14, is the day all counties must have their ballots tabulated. County election officials must report their results to the California Secretary of State's office on Friday, Oct. 15.

Finally, Friday, Oct. 22, is the day the California Secretary of State certifies the election and we'll know whether California will have a new governor or Gov. Gavin Newsom is here to stay, until the next election in 2022.

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