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Kevin Kiley begins campaign at State Capitol to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom

Many supporters watched from the capitol steps as California Republican Assemblyman Kevin Kiley spoke about the issues facing the state.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California Republican Assemblyman Kevin Kiley hit the Capitol campaign trail to claim that he's the one for the job as he enters the race as the state is two months away from the recall election.  

Many supporters watched from the capitol steps as Kiley spoke about the issues facing California.  With homelessness is one of the top issues in the race, he spoke out against Project Homekey, which is a program that allows cities and other agencies to purchase and convert buildings into temporary or permanent, long-term housing. 

"We need to have facilities where folks can be put so they aren't on the street so that they are in a place that gets them the help that they need," Kiley said. "Whether that's drug addiction treatment or counseling or job employment training"

California is experiencing triple digits temperatures across. Kiley believes the drought is man-made, climate change is not the cause of the wildfires that are burning across the state. He claims to have plans to push forest management to the forefront. 

Kiley says that education reform will be first on his agenda to stand with fellow Republicans who condemn critical race theory being taught in schools if he wins the recall. 

"Fundamental what the curriculum does is that it seeks to impose upon students a particular world view rather than giving them the critical thinking skills to define their identity for themselves," Kiley said.

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Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, R – Rocklin, is entering the upcoming California gubernatorial recall election. Kiley joins a crowded field of politicians, businessmen, and celebrities aiming to oust Gov. Gavin Newsom on Tuesday, Sept. 14. 

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