SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Critics say wet wipes, those single-use wet tissues for babies and adults wanting something more than just toilet paper, can clog sewers and cause costly repairs. 

Legislation in California that advanced on Thursday would require products that cannot be flushed down the toilet to be clearly labeled as such. Cities including New York and the District of Columbia have also attempted to cut down on what manufactures call “flushable wipes.” The California proposal has been watered down amid industry objection to claims that their products damage pipes. 

But the bill's author hopes to find a compromise with manufacturers.

Another bill making headway in the California Legislature would require electric companies to reimburse customers when the utilities turn off power to prevent wildfires. 

Large electric utilities have been aggressively shutting off power for millions of customers ahead of windstorms. The bill by state Sen. Scott Wiener would require them to reimburse customers and local governments for some costs. It would also let regulators fine utilities if they determine the shutoffs were not reasonable and prudent. 

A letter from PG&E to lawmakers says the bill would put customers and communities in a dangerous position by penalizing the utilities for deploying a public safety shutoff.



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