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Newsom launches 7 abortion rights billboards in anti-abortion states

Governor Newsom said he launched billboards, which explain abortion care in California, in the most restrictive anti-abortion states

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California Governor Gavin Newsom launched seven billboards in what his re-election campaign called the country’s most restrictive anti-abortion states. The billboards are running in Texas, South Carolina, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Indiana, and Ohio.

The billboards target those seeking an abortion and reproductive care. The ads direct women to abortion.ca.gov, a state website providing information on how women can access abortion care in California. The website provides resources to any women, regardless of their state of residence.

"Here is my message to any woman seeking abortion care in these anti-freedom states: Come to California. We will defend your constitutional right to make decisions about your own health," Newsom said in a news release. "These un-American abortion bans -- many of them without exceptions for rape and incest - are literally killing women. The idea that these Republican politicians are seeking to 'protect life' is a total farce. They are seeking to restrict and control their constituents and take away their freedom."

According to the governor’s campaign team, the seven states targeted are among the most restrictive in the country to abortion care, and many of these states have recently enforced restrictions on abortion.

The ads provide people with information on financial assistance, their legal rights and how to find providers. For example in South Dakota, the billboards read “South Dakota doesn’t own your body. You do.”

Newsom tweeted to each governor of the seven states a picture of each billboard.

“@tatereeves the people of Mississippi deserve to know they have access to the care you are refusing to provide. This will be launching in your state today,” Newsom said in a tweet.

Example of the ads:

Credit: From: Newsom For Calif. Gov. 2022
Credit: From: Newsom For Calif. Gov. 2022

The cost of all seven billboards is around $100,000 and located near the state capitols of each state. The ads are being paid for by Gov. Newsom’s re-election campaign.

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