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Newsom to keep open mind on if Los Angeles County school vaccine mandate should be statewide

ABC10 Political Reporter Morgan Rynor asked Governor Newsom if he would like to see the vaccine mandate the LA County school district passed on a statewide level.

SACRAMENTO, Calif — On Jan. 11, the nation's second largest school district will require students age 12 and older to be vaccinated or else they will have to attend classes remotely. The decision comes on the same day President Joe Biden mandated millions of Americans get vaccinated. 

Many recall candidates have predicted that if Newsom stays in office, there will be more mandates to come. 

A new survey out Friday from The Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies found that Newsom is running away with support. 60.1 percent want to keep Newsom in, and 38.5 percent want to see him ousted. 

At a press conference Friday morning, Political Reporter Morgan Rynor asked Governor Newsom if he would like to see what the LA County School District did pass on a statewide level. 

"We've always worded support for local decision making," Newsom said. "I want to give this an opportunity to work. I want to get a sense of how this impacts independent learning, what the logistics are in terms of staffing."

Newsom went on to say he's very appreciative of the school districts leadership.

"I've maintained this from day one, that we keep an open mind," Newsom said. "This is a fluid and dynamic situation." 

Newsom said his focus right now is on making it through the recall election on Tuesday. 

Meanwhile, at a campaign event in San Diego Friday, talk show host Larry Elder reiterated his message to reverse any statewide mandates that are in place on his first day in office if elected. 

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