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Redistricting: Sacramento-area congressmembers plan to swap seats

Three sitting members of Congress were drawn into the same new district that includes downtown Sacramento. They all still plan to run for re-election.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Some California members of Congress are going to need real estate agents.

The official redistricting maps published Monday night drew several of California’s 52 members of Congress out of their districts or into the district of another.

The California Citizens Redistricting Commission, whose motto is “we draw the lines,” decided to draw one right through the middle of the state’s capital city.

They split Sacramento in half. The city previously had its own US house seat: District 6, occupied by Rep. Doris Matsui (D).

Now, it has two, each covering parts of the city and nearby suburbs.

The city’s northern neighborhoods stayed in the new District 6, which will also include the eastern suburbs of Carmichael, Citrus Heights and Rancho Cordova.

Downtown Sacramento will move into the new District 7, along with the city’s southern neighborhoods and suburban Elk Grove.

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Credit: KXTV/Google Earth
Three incumbent members of Congress were drawn into California's new District 7 (yellow,) Ami Bera (D-CA7,) Doris Matsui (D-CA6,) and John Garamendi (D-CA3.) On Tuesday, all three announced plans to run for re-election. Matsui will run in the new Distict 7. Bera will run in District 6 (blue.) And Garamendi plans to run in District 8 (red.)

Matsui, who’s been in Congress since 2005, wasted no time making her move.

“I will run for re-election in '22 in the newly drawn CD07,” Matsui announced in a tweet on Tuesday morning, noting that the new district includes “my home in Land Park, my district office downtown, & the many familiar neighborhood communities that make up Sacramento & the surrounding region.”

She’s not the only member of Congress whose home is in the new district 7.

The incumbent Democrat there, Rep. Ami Bera, is from Elk Grove. Hours after Matsui’s announcement, Bera announced plans to run for re-election in District 6.

“It has been the honor of my life to represent the people of Sacramento County in Congress, and I look forward to continuing to represent them in our nation’s capital for many years to come,” Bera said in a news release.

Several suburbs Bera currently represents will move to District 6. His campaign staff did not respond to say whether he intends to move there too.

There's no legal requirement for members of Congress to live in the districts they represent, but for obvious reasons, it's considered to be politically wise.

The third Democrat drawn into the new District 7 is Rep. John Garamendi. He’s from Walnut Grove, which was drawn into the “leg” shape protruding from the new district’s southwestern side.

Garamendi announced his intent Tuesday to run in the new District 8. It includes places he currently represents like Vacaville and Fairfield but also new territory including Vallejo and Richmond in the Bay Area.

In his announcement, he promised to fight for progressive values for the district. He’s also making plans to move.

“Yes, he intends to reside there,” campaign spokesperson Eric Olsen said.

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