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History in the making | Sacramento could elect 1st Asian American DA, 1st Black county sheriff

Representation can be a big asset to the community, especially within higher positions of power. However, the pressure is on for both candidates.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — While votes are still being counted from Election day, there's potential for two new firsts for Sacramento County's elected offices.

Two of the Sacramento region's top races include Sacramento County Sheriff and Sacramento County District Attorney, both of which have men of color in the lead.

Thien Ho is running for Sacramento County's District Attorney, and according to his website, he plans to "bring experience and a balanced approach to protecting our communities, provide justice for victims and ensure our system serves everyone equally".

Jim Cooper is running for Sacramento County Sheriff, and according to his website, he claims to have dedicated his life to his "community, protecting victims and keeping the public safe".

Kim Nava, spokesperson for Sacramento County, said Thien Ho would be the first Asian American District Attorney for Sacramento County, if elected.

Although ABC10 is still looking to confirm, it appears that if elected, Jim Cooper would be the first Black sheriff for Sacramento County. 

Representation can be a big asset to the community, especially within higher positions of power. However, the pressure is on for both candidates to prove to the community that change will happen. 

"It's wonderful to have an Asian face for my children to see in these higher positions," Megan Sapiago, co-director of the Asian American Liberation Network said, "But what I'm really excited about is seeing if he can really bring the community along with him."

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Also as an adjunct professor for the Mock Trial Competition Team Program at McGeorge School of Law, Thien Ho has worked with students in small groups and teams and helped them compete against other schools, providing a hands-on experience for inspired students. 

"We're excited that Thien Ho will be representing the community of Sacramento as the district attorney, and we're happy that he has given up his time to our students," Mary-Beth Moylan, the associate dean for Academic Affairs at McGeorge School of Law said.

Community organizers are hoping these primary elections can benefit the surrounding communities, but the results are not final since the vote-by-mail ballots are still being counted. 

Law enforcement has been one of the biggest talking points during the primary elections, and as Jim Cooper runs for Sacramento County sheriff, community members look forward to more cooperation with law enforcement. 

Jim Cooper had a long association with the Children's Receiving Home of Sacramento, advocating for young children who have suffered abuse, neglect or other trauma, according to the Children's Receiving Home of Sacramento. 

"As a Sacramento County deputy sheriff, Cooper frequently brought children in need of care to our campus," Danielle McGarrity, development director for the Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento said. "Should Mr. Cooper become Sacramento County Sheriff, we look forward to working with him given his deep understanding and past support for our mission".

While the two candidates appear to be well integrated within their communities, the community is also wanting to see actual visual changes. 

"Representation does matter but who you are representing and what are you representing is truly the thing that is significant," Berry Accius, mentor and leader of Voice of the Youth said. 

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