POLLOCK PINES, Calif. — There are thousands of Pacific Gas and Electric customers living in the Sierra without power as of Monday morning, according to the utility company.

A week of serious snowfall across the mountain brought trees and branches down, halting power in some areas. The power outages have effected some folks in Pollock Pines off and on for a week.

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Ralph Selman, 84, is one of those residents. Selman has no heat and has been relying on his car to charge his phone.

“I got enough food to last me for four or five more days,” Selman said. “As long as I don’t run out of cat food and that drives me crazy.”

His neighbor Diane Strange says the power went out without warning. With no electricity, she’s been dressing in layers to stay warm.

PG&E has no estimated time frame as to when power will be returned to normal.


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