In Roseville, there is an escape room that provides a plane ticket to Canada for people to escape President Trump's America. Well.. it's not a real escape room and neither is the plane ticket. This escape room is actually part of a new entertainment trend.

If you haven’t heard of a escape room games, here's how it works: A group of people, usually strangers, pay money to get locked in a room. The only way out of the room is to solve a series of puzzles. Players usually get about an hour to gather clues and find a way out.

Escape rooms usually have a theme and if you type 'Escape Room Sacramento' into Facebook you will find about a dozen different themes.

The latest escape room game that started up is in Roseville. It's called the 'Escape Trump's America Room.'

"We thought it would be fun to base our escape room around the current political climate. We thought it would set us apart," said Jason Lo. He and his partner, Christian Fitch, started an escape room business called Tales from the Crypt EX.

"We change the theme and location every six months or when we feel like it," said Fitch.

The 'Escape Trump's America Room' requires players to solve puzzles in an office room. The goal is to find and unlock safes and briefcases that contain pass ports, money and a plane ticket to Canada.

"We made it so Trump supporters will have fun solving the puzzles too," said Lo. The puzzles require some knowledge of current political events and a group effort to solve.

If you want to try your hand at unlocking a ticket to Canada, log onto and sign up.