SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The Sacramento Police Department North Problem Oriented Policing (POP) team has been using bait packages to try and tackle an increase in burglaries.

Sgt. Vance Chandler says crooks took the bait in broad daylight on Sunday. After they stole the items, however, they then led police on a chase and ended up driving the wrong way on Highway 50.

"[They were] very brazen, and our officers did a phenomenal job," said Chandler. "They recognized immediately that it was very dangerous and that's why they discontinued their involvement in the pursuit."

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Two suspects were arrested. They now face multiple charges including burglary and possession of stolen property. 

The Citrus Heights police department has actually seen successes with a similar bait package program. The department says over a span of 18 months more than 130 thieves were caught taking their department's bait items.

It's now possible the next car, package, or bicycle stolen could be the property of the Sacramento Police Department with its very own tracker bringing them straight to the suspect.

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