SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The Sacramento Police Department recently seized more than 280 pounds of illegal fireworks and arrested two people after they attempted to sell them, according to officials.

"We're taking firework safety very seriously. Safe and sane fireworks are the only fireworks that are allowed within the City of Sacramento," said Officer Chad Lewis with the Sacramento Police Department. The department has dedicated patrols looking for people selling, buying or using illegal fireworks.

Fireworks laws vary by city and county. As a general rule only use fireworks where you buy them, and don't take them across city or county lines. All legal fireworks in California have the "safe and sane" seal on them.

"We have officers from the Sacramento Police Department as well as investigators from the Sacramento City Fire Department working together trying to do their best to curb illegal firework activity and keep the city safe this summer," Lewis said.


An average of 250 people a day are taken to emergency rooms across the nation for firework related injuries in the weeks surrounding the Fourth of July, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. There is also a concern over fireworks potentially causing wildfires. That's why police are reaching out now asking for your help.

"We recommend anybody who observes anything suspicious related to fireworks to give us a call," Lewis said. "And we'll make sure we get our Fireworks Mitigation Task Force on it ASAP."

The task force will be working for a five-week period. They started on June 1 and they'll be busy until July 5. This year they'll also keep an eye out for illegal fireworks from the skies.

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