SACRAMENTO, Calif. — What makes you different from everyone else? Do you try to hide it or do you embrace it for the world to see?

Kendra DeAnna says that difference could be the key to unlocking your full potential. DeAnna is a local singer who is completely deaf in her right ear.

She even has a song about it, where she sings "I was born this way. So if you're talking to me on my right side I wont hear a word you say."

DeAnna said her mom made the discovery when she was 3 years old.

"She would talk to me in this ear, and everything would be fine," the singer remembered. "And then she would go to this ear, and I would kind of swat her off a little bit."

DeAnna said her mom was shocked and searched for answers on how it happened.

"They didn't know if it was from birth or if it was something that just kind of happened over the years," DeAnna said. "I tried to hide it for so long, it just made life a lot harder than it had to be."

But the disability hasn't kept her from using her "natural God-Given talent."

She said it wasn't easy. DeAnna told ABC10 that she stopped singing for a while because she thought her performances weren't good enough. Then, she embraced it.

"When I started telling people that I was half deaf, doors started opening up for me and I felt so confident," DeAnna said. "If anyone has something — even if it's not a disability — just something that they feel makes them different, don't hide it because that is your super power."

DeAnna said it was her faith that pushed her through when times got tough.

"[God] gave me this ability so that I could be something different that people could see and be OK with being different. I was made this way for a purpose," Kendra concluded.

Kendra's latest song "Nice Guy" is available for streaming on ITunes, Tidal, Spotify and other streaming services.

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