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Sunrise Mall in Citrus Heights to get much-needed makeover

The mall has been a staple for the Citrus Heights community for decades, but it hasn’t been immune to e-commerce takeover.

CITRUS HEIGHTS, Calif. — Sunrise Mall in Citrus Heights will not be closing down, but it will be getting a revamp, according to City officials.

The mall has been a staple for the Citrus Heights community for decades, but just like all brick-and-mortar retail around the country, it hasn’t been immune to the e-commerce takeover. Major retail stores like Sears have closed, slowing down the flow of shoppers at the mall.

Meghan Huber the Economic Development Manager for the city of Citrus Heights said the city is planning to re-invigorate and augment to the 100-acre property.

“We’re looking for more experiences for more offerings that current business models of older regional malls. That combined with what’s happening here on the local level where vacancy rates are on the rise and there is also so much potential, now is the time before the gap becomes too wide between what it is and what it can be,” said Huber.

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Last Thursday, Citrus Heights City Council approved an amendment to create plans for redevelopment on the site. Huber said housing could be a possible option.

“The buildings on the site consist of 25 of the 100 acres. So, essentially 75 acres is a blank slate and can be whatever the market determines,” said Huber.

But residents of the area aren’t too welcoming of the idea of housing on the property. Geri Gardner said it wouldn’t make much sense in this developed area of the city.

“I’m not too sure about the housing in this area because it’s all retail around here,” Gardner said.

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Other residents had their own ideas on what they would rather see added to the mall. Emmanuel Alvarado, 18, said he wants to see big brand name stores like Nordstrom.

"I feel like I walk in and I don’t really see much,” said Alvarado.

Lorraine Cornelius said whatever is added needs to attract both young and mature shoppers.

“An ice skating rink, something like that to bring the kids in, and maybe a day spa,” said Cornelius.

City officials said a contract will be awarded to a consulting firm to start the planning sometime in the fall.

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