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California's gas prices hit a 5-year high, but how much of that is actually the gas tax? – California’s gas prices have a hit a five-year high, with average prices in the state reaching more than $4 per gallon, according to GasBuddy. The state has the second highest gas tax in the country, and, according to GasBuddy Senior Petroleum Analyst Dan McTeague, taxes definitely play a factor in making prices move and appear to go much higher than analysts may have thought. According to California Department of Energy, the average retail price of regular gas for the week of April 15 was about $3.92 per gallon and about $4.12 per gallon for mid-grade. So, what actually goes into the cost of gas? Here's a breakdown: It costs $1.50 for the crude oil, $1.50 for the refined product and markup, $.72 to $.73 for the tax, and $.20 to $.25 for the retailer. (Eric Escalante, ABC10)

Beloved community golf course fighting for survival  More than 100 people flooded into the Cordova Recreation and Park District’s Board of Directors meeting Wednesday evening, many of them planning to speak in favor of the Cordova Golf Course. The Park District, which bought the course in 1973 and has operated it as a public facility since then, says this recreational amenity is not financially sustainable. In the last decade, the district has seen an average annual loss of $101,433, with the general fund making up the difference. The District also lists nearly $11 million in upgrades, repairs, renovations and replacements it says the course needs over the long term. Board members were considering three different options. Two would involve keeping the course open but subsidizing it while upgrades are made. The third option involved shutting and selling the golf course. (Becca Habegger, ABC10)

Legionnaires' disease found in adjacent California prisons –Legionnaires' disease bacteria that killed one inmate and sickened another is more widespread than expected in a California state prison, officials said Wednesday, citing new test results. Preliminary results found the bacteria in the water supply at a prison medical facility in Stockton and at two neighboring youth correctional facilities, Corrections Department spokeswoman Vicky Waters said. Officials had thought it was isolated to one housing unit where the two inmates lived. They restricted water use throughout the medical facility and neighboring juvenile facility, bringing in bottled water. But they put special filters only on showers in the housing unit where the inmates had been housed in the California Health Care Facility, which treats about 2,670 inmates needing medical or mental health care. No subsequent illnesses were reported and the source hasn't been found. (Don Thompson, Associate Press)

Facebook is doing things again... And, no, they're not good things. According to a Business Insider report, the social media giant collected email contacts of 1.5 million new users without permission. Apparently it happened after Facebook changed a design feature, but the news doesn't bode well for a company already under intense scrutiny.

Apparently checking Craigslist is a good thing... At least it was for Florida photographer J'Quan Jarrell. This week, Netflix released Beyonce's "Homecoming" documentary, which is about her 2018 Coachella — sorry, BeyChella performance. Well, Jarrell, who got a job through a Craiglist posting to photograph the show, had some of his photos featured in the documentary.