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California bill would remove speed limits for new lanes on I-5, HWY 99 – If all goes according to Sen. John Moorlach's (R-Orange County) plan, California will have some highways with no speed restrictions. Does this sound ridiculous? Maybe. But it works in Germany, and that's what Moorlach is hoping people might realize. Here are the details: As it's written, the bill make the state's Department of Transportation to construct two additional lanes on north and southbound I-5 and Highway 99, all of which would have no speed limits in certain area. Moorlach pointed to Germany's Autobahn, a federally controlled access highway with no speed limits for some vehicles in certain, less-urbanized areas. According to some estimates, the average speed on the Autobahn is around 93 mph, with top speeds often reaching upwards to 125 mph in more rural areas. This bill was just introduced last week, so it's not clear how far it will actually make it. But Moorlach is hoping it could be a replacement for the currently stalled high-speed rail project. (ABC10)

How Otto The Dog is stealing hearts and saving lives – Otto, a rescue dog, is saving lives by protecting Travis Air Force Base's airfield from birds. Otto was adopted from a rescue group out of Elk Grove by Matthew Stevens, an airport biologist at Travis Air Force Base. He chases away birds from the airfield that could potentially get into engines. Stevens works with another person to look at bird population at the base. Stevens goes around in his truck with Otto as they scout for birds that he can chase. Otto's favorite kind of bird to chase is a turkey, with geese being a close second. Otto doesn't get a paycheck, but he does get a reward through attention and treats, which is probably best considering he's a dog and can't cash checks. (Ananda Rochita, ABC10)

'He's a true survivor' | Dog reunited with family 101 days after Camp Fire – You may be thinking: "Another dog story?" Why, yes. Another dog story. Why? Because dogs are good, and in a world often flooded with bad and divisive stories, why not be happy and read about dogs, instead? I digress. Here's the story: Maleah Ballejos' mind was racing as she waited for Kingston to come out of the shelter he was staying inside. When Kingston came outside, Maleah ran right over to him and gave him a big hug. "Hi, baby," she said through tears. Kingston went missing as the Ballejos family was evacuating their home in Paradise after he jumped out of the back of their truck. He took off running and because the fire was so dangerous and chaotic, the family held onto hope he survived. And he did. One hundred and one days later, the family got a call that Kingston was found safe. He smelled like the skunks he likely survived on, but he was safe and ready to head home. (Madison Meyer, ABC10)

This is a political tip... Because at this point it feels like everyone is running for president in 2020, and we want to help you figure out who they are. Currently, including President Trump, 12 people are officially running in 2020. Ten are Democrats, and two are Republicans. At least a dozen more have hinted at running, so we put together something to help you keep track.

Grocery shopping is an adventure... At least that's the case for 3-year-old Tyler Richards. Tyler has an inoperable brain tumor, but that didn't stop the grocery-store obsessed toddler from getting his own shopping spree and custom made shopping cart from the good folks at the Bel Air market in Elk Grove.