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California Wildfires, The New Normal: Fighting to Rebuild – Dave Edney, a Sonoma County sheriff’s deputy, and his wife Mellissa lost their home in the Tubbs Fire last fall. Coffey Park, their neighborhood, was one of the areas hardest hit by the fire that destroyed a total of 3,000 homes in the city of Santa Rosa. A year later, only a few dozen homes have been finished, with thousands still going through the intricate permitting process. (Lilia Luciano, ABC10)

From escaping the Camp Fire in Paradise, to the aftermath of the Carr Fire in Redding, to Santa Rosa rebuilding after the Tubbs Fire — ABC10's Originals team is taking a personal and deep look at California's wildfires. "California Wildfires: The New Normal" airs December 10-17 on ABC10 on LNT at 11 p.m.

Paradise 'superhero' attempts to save friend from Camp Fire using a trash can – For years, James has been a mini-celebrity in Paradise, known for hanging around the local Grocery Outlet where he would dress up as Superman during fundraising events for kids. "I'm a superhero!" he'll tell you, at any chance he gets. But the day of the Camp Fire, James' "Superhero" title took on a very real meaning. "What happened was the day of the fire, the short version," James, who is developmentally disabled and doesn't like to give out his last name, explained. James tried rolling Grandpa in that garbage bin, but he couldn't go far, and flames were now surrounding them on both sides of the road. He had to think quickly, so he decided to use the flashlight he had to flash the "S.O.S." signal. (Liz Kreutz, ABC10)

Deadly Natomas shooting suspect had previously been banned from library – A man was arrested Wednesday in the deadly shooting of a Natomas librarian months after he was thrown out and banned from the library, police officials said. Sacramento police arrested 56-year-old Ronald Seay less than 12 hours after the fatal shooting of Library Supervisor Amber Clark. Seay lived only a few miles from the library, but had only been in the state a few months, police said. "Every person that walked into the North Natomas Library was greeted by Amber," said City Councilmember Angelique Ashby. "This is an extreme tragedy for our community." (Matthew Nuttle, ABC10)

CuriosityStream: It's like Netflix... But with only educational programs. Here's the thing — kids are constantly glued to the TV these days. And, sure, that's not all too bad, but why not have them binge-watch something they'll actually learn from.

OMG OMG OMG... The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge released their Christmas photos this morning and they. are. adorable. Now where are the photos of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex? We need to see those ASAP.