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Payless is liquidating. What you should know about sales before spending your money  It’s been a rough couple of years for American retailers succumbing to bankruptcy as they struggle to compete in a world of online shopping. More than a dozen major U.S. retailers such as H.H. Gregg, RadioShack, and Toys 'R' Us have filed for bankruptcy since 2017. Recently, Payless ShoeSource announced it’ll be closing all of its 2,100 stores in the United States and Puerto Rico. The company has halted online sales, although users can still browse online to find the product in a “store near you,” according to the company website. Liquidation sales have also started at Payless stores nationwide, including the 26 Payless stores in the Sacramento, Stockton and Modesto areas. But before you head to get more out of the usual buy-one-get-one sales that Payless is known for, head here for some tips on jumping into the sales. (Giacomo Luca, ABC10)

'Real Monsters': What is known about the gruesome Jacobs family murders in Land Park – The mystery of who killed the Jacobs Family in their Upper Land Park home remains unsolved. Twenty-eight years have come and gone since Jan. 14 1991, the date the family was found brutally slain. Here is what is known so far: Michael Jacobs, 33, worked as a contractor. Marcy, 31, is wife, was employed as an analyst for the Bureau of Criminal Identification at the State of California Department of Justice. Jennifer, 9, was a fourth-grade student at Crocker-Riverside Elementary School. Michael Jacobs' body was found near an open safe with fatal gunshot wounds to his head. Marcy Jacobs was found dead in the bathroom. Jennifer Jacobs was found in her room, holding her teddy bear, dead from a gunshot wound to the head. ABC10's Michael Anthony Adams takes a deep dive into one of the most horrifying murders in a Sacramento community hoping to forget that it happened. (Michael Anthony Adams, ABC10)

Woman stabs CHP officer during traffic stop on I-5 – A Martinez woman was arrested after stabbing a California Highway Patrol officer during a traffic stop on northbound Interstate 5. The Williams area CHP officer was stabbed in the back and taken to a Chico trauma center for his injuries. CHP said it all started when the officer pulled over Haile Neil around 10:30 p.m. for driving at speeds of more than 100 mph on I-5. During the traffic stop, the officer noticed that Neil was impaired and asked her to get out of her vehicle to perform sobriety tests. The officer said she complied, but became belligerent once she was outside. Neil attempted to run from the officer and a struggle broke out, ultimately leading to her pulling a knife out and stabbing the officer in the back, CHP said. Department officials told ABC10 he is now at home — sore, but on his way to recovery. The 25-year-old Neil was arrested and booked into the Colusa County Jail. (Marie Estrada, ABC10)

And the award goes to... Rob Carlmark, ABC10 Morning Blend's meteorologist! OK, there's no actual award to be given, but the Oscars are this week on ABC10, and we're really excited. Now where were we? Oh yeah... One thing about Rob — HE LOVES THE SNOW. Like, so much. If you can't already tell by the photo. As someone who loves the snow, one would assume he knows a lot about it. And he does. So here are some tips on cheap places to head to for great Sierra snow.

Since we're talking about snow... Can we take a moment to give some serious kudos to Amador County Sheriff's Deputy Casey Wilson who trekked through some deep, knee-high snow to help rescue Joan Almstrom from her home. Almstrom had no power, heat or phone and was freezing. She's now safe and warm at a hotel thanks to Deputy Wilson.