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Mayors across California ask Gov. Newsom for funds to fight homelessness – Gov. Gavin Newsom and California's big city mayors pushed Wednesday for more money to help the homeless on top of the $500 million the state already is spending on one of its most vexing problems. The new Democratic governor and the mayors touted the state's Homeless Emergency Aid Program, which gives cities flexible grants to address homelessness with emergency shelters, supportive housing, navigation centers, housing vouchers and other services including mental health treatment. Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg, chairman of the 13-member Big City Mayors group, said they're seeking another $500 million and maybe "a little bit more" for the program in next year's budget. "It is sad to me that last year when we gathered, homelessness and housing was the main topic, and as we gather here in 2019, it remains the main topic," Steinberg said. (Daniela Pardo, ABC10/Associated Press)

Plant Parenthood: Indoor plant trend gives local nurseries boost in business – Kayli Sessions is the House Plant Buyer at Green Acres Nursery in Elk Grove. She's also a self-professed "plant parent." Sessions is part of a growing number of people — thanks to the influence of social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest — that have developed an affinity for indoor plants. It's a trend that, in turn, is boosting business at local nurseries. Sessions said Green Acres in Elk Grove has had to add additional staff on the weekends to keep up with the demand and number of customers seeking indoor plants. Plant Foundry in Oak Park has also noticed an increase in house plant sales and that they stock up for the weekends when most people shop. "Their favorite plant parent posted about a specific plant. And they fell in love," Sessions said. (Liz Kreutz, ABC10)

Folsom's 'Running Jesus' in recovery after being stabbed in the chest – A beloved Folsom runner is still recovering after being stabbed by an acquaintance in early March. Lovingly referred to by locals as “Running Jesus," Folsom runner Peter Mc Kie, was allegedly stabbed in the chest by 67-year-old William Mulock, according to Folsom Police. Police said Mc Kie underwent surgery for a single stab wound. Mc Kie has been living on the streets for more than two years and was staying at the home of a woman who took him and another man in when it happened. "My complete body felt like shutting down and it was completely numb," Mc Kie said. "I've never been hit like that. It was like I was getting hit by a bat as I turned to him and look into his eyes he stabs me directly in the chest." Mulock was arrested and booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail on charges of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. (Matthew Nuttle/Ananda Rochita, ABC10)

Farm-to-fork-to-space... This small group of Sacramento Charter High School students is trying to represent all of California in a national competition to cook for NASA astronauts in space. And they need your help doing it. The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is taking place in Houston, and the students need money to get there. Head here to find out how you can help.

The coldest place in California... I'm not going to go there, because i'm not a huge fan of anywhere with "the coldest place" preceding its name. You can go there, though. Or at least learn about it through John Bartell, who has no problem going there like he did for his latest episode of Bartell's Backroads.