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She sued Stockton school after her son suffered a heat stroke. Now the district is suing her – It's a position Shynelle Jones never expected to be in. A year and a half after her then 13-year-old son Jayden spent five days in the hospital — including two in the intensive care unit — after getting severe heat stroke during football practice at Stockton's Lincoln High School, she's now caught up in a legal battle with the district over the incident. Following the incident in summer of 2017, Jones decided to sue the school district, citing gross negligence. But now the district is suing her in return. An attorney representing the Lincoln Unified School District said the district does not agree with Jones' allegations in the lawsuit and would not comment further, citing pending litigation. "I'm angry," Jones told ABC10. "It's tough because my son's hurt and I'm getting sued." (Liz Kreutz, ABC10)

Proposed student loan cap could put graduate studies out of reach for some students – A proposed cap on student loans from President Donald Trump’s administration may put graduate or upper-level studies out of reach for some low-income students. The administration’s plan aims to curb the growth of college tuition rates, which have reached $1.5 trillion, and make it more "outcome-oriented." It aims to do so with proposals on simplifying loan repayments, allowing students to use Pell Grants for short term programs, and a proposed loan cap on Parent and Grad Plus loans among other things. The White House criticized colleges and universities that “have been unable or unwilling to provide the necessary types of education in a cost-effective manner.” A 2018 Brookings Institution study was cited that found close to 30 percent of student borrowers eventually default on their loans. The national average for student debt is around $30,100. (Eric Escalante, ABC10)

‘We Want A Zoo’ | Group petitions for Sacramento Zoo to relocate to Natomas – Months ago, the Sacramento Zoo announced it was looking to move out of Land Park to be able to expand, and one of the sites people brought up was the old Sacramento Kings' stomping grounds — Sleep Train Arena. Now, Natomas residents are very serious about the idea. They've created a group called "We Want a Zoo." Sleep Train Arena could become the new location for Sac Zoo, but the Kings have other plans. They want to rezone the arena and build a commercial-housing development. A zoo was not mentioned in the ownership's proposal to the city. The city is hoping for an open discussion ahead of a decision, and officials are already hearing some concerns. The group is encouraging people to attend the city's scoping meeting for the Kings' arena on Thursday, March 21 at 5:30 p.m. in Room 1119 at City Hall. (Madison Meyer, ABC10)

Get paid more than Mike Trout... You know, the Los Angeles Angels outfielder who just signed the largest contract in sports history? No? Don't feel bad. Most people have no idea who he is either. But he just signed a fully guaranteed $430 million contract. Want to make more than that? Win the Powerball, because it's currently at $550 million. And who knows, it could eventually reach last year's record of $1.5 billion.

Punch your ticket to Hollywood... Let's all take a moment to give the soon-to-be Modesto icon Ryan Hammond his props. Because he absolutely destroyed his American Idol audition! His rendition of Sam Smith's "Lay Me Down" was better than Sam Smith's rendition of "Lay Me Down." Congrats, Ryan!


Editor's Note: Yesterday’s subject implied Jelly Belly is making the new CBD jelly beans. It’s actually being done by David Klein, the man who invented the candy that became the now famous Jelly Belly jelly bean. We’re sorry if the thought of the Fairfield candy maker working with CBD oils made you spill your morning coffee.