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Gov. Newsom signs wildfire recovery bills, visits Camp Fire survivors – Gavin Newsom signed his first two bills as California’s Governor, one of which will provide more than $130 million in funding for wildfire recovery. One day after signing, Newsom, along with elected officials from across California, visited communities in Butte County devastated by wildfires. Assembly Bill 72 and Assembly Bill 73 will provide emergency funding to local governments that are struggling to stay afloat because of recent wildfires. The $131 million in emergency funding will allow schools to reopen and offer emergency funding to local governments by back-filing property taxes. More than 14,000 homes and businesses were destroyed during the Camp Fire in Butte County in November 2018, leaving local governments struggling to find funding after losing their property tax base. (Giacomo Luca, ABC10)

Amazon Fulfillment Center opens doors for public tours in Tracy – For the first time in Tracy, customers can finally see for themselves what's been hidden behind closed doors at the Amazon Fulfillment Center. You can now book a tour the same way you purchase anything else on Amazon, with one click of a mouse. People on the tour get to see the entire process, from the moment a customer clicks "buy." They even get to see the Amazon robot floor, which picks a product out of inventory before sending it through the building on massive conveyor belts. There are, however, quite a few things on this tour of which guests are not allowed to take photos. Tours at the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Sacramento are still in the works. Those are set to begin this spring. (Lena Howland, ABC10)

Sacramento Police Chief: 'We need all the officers we can get'   Newly released video revealed utter chaos following a shooting that left two people dead in December 2018 near the Golden 1 Center. Sacramento Police sent all available units. Police Chief Daniel Hahn talked to ABC10's Chris Thomas about how the department is trying to do more with fewer officers. Here is a preview of their interview:

Chief Hahn: "We went through a tough economy and officers were laid off. We're still trying to catch from that. It's like 60 officers less than it was 10 years ago, and the city has grown."

Chris Thomas: "Is Sacramento becoming a more dangerous community?

Chief Hahn: "I think it might feel like it's not safer, because of social media and the ease and access of information... We have had less homicides every year for the last four years. This is the first year in 35 years where no juveniles were murdered in our city. So, I think in one way you can say that it is getting better and it is working."

The rain is great, but... It's also mostly terrible, especially when you have to hit the roads. It seems like more accidents happen when the roads are slick, increasing your chances of accidents. So here are 5 things to do if (or when) you get into a car accident.

Can we take a quick moment... to take a look at those faces? I mean, come on! Those are some adorable pups. And they're more than just their looks. In his latest edition of Bartell's Backroads, ABC10's John Bartell talks to Alyssa Martin, the owner of these 13 sled-pulling Siberian Huskies.