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Business neighbors voice more frustrations over Elk Grove hospital expansion

Business owners in the path of a proposed hospital expansion in Elk Grove are voicing their frustrations over the loss of business and lack of communication.

ELK GROVE, Calif — Business owners in Elk Grove are continuing to express their frustrations over a teaching hospital expansion proposed on a plot of land that could force them to close. 

"If someone in Elk Grove is having a stroke or a heart attack we're going to have the best emergency room for them," said California Northstate University (CNU) spokesperson Brian Holloway. 

Holloway said that's why the expansion is a good idea for Elk Grove and the surrounding area. But the expansion has been met with resistance by local business owners whose businesses sit in the path of the proposed 12-story, level-2 trauma center and teaching hospital. 

And those businesses say they've struggled with their bigger neighbor. CNU owns the property where the businesses lie.

Honey Glover is frustrated at a process that's been months in the making. 

"It’s a hospital. It's a good thing. Happy for you. But be happy for me. This is all I can do. Support me," Glover said.

Glover and her husband run Majesty African and Caribbean Market on West Taron Court. 

"We told (CNU) we support their vision, but treat us well. And they haven't," Glover said.

Majesty African and Caribbean Market sits in what used to be a busy shopping center where customers were shared from business-to-business. Now it's almost a ghost town. 

"They were coming in for a snack and they were coming for a drink. Likewise, the customers from the hair store would come in too. That has all stopped. We're just taking each day as it comes. We haven't got a clue what's going on," Glover said. 

Steave Jordan of Barber Dreme Company said he was in the same spot when ABC10 interviewed him five months ago. 

"Your story is basically what got them to start responding and speaking to us," Jordan said.

Now, Jordan says things are better. His barbershop has moved to a better spot and is out of the way of the proposed construction. The new space is also larger. But the transition came with a few hiccups. 

"We saw a loss of customers and clientele, people not really knowing what was going on hurt us a bit. I feel like this situation could have went a lot smoother if there was active communication. Active communication is better, even if you're not agreeing," Jordan said. 

He admits now that the trouble was worth it in the end and he’s happy with the results today.

Brian Holloway, California Northstate University’s spokesperson spoke with ABC10 about the lack of communication with Majesty African and Caribbean Market. 

"I met with them several months ago and when I learned that they had not heard anything recently, I asked our facilities manager to reach out to them right away. They're on a month-to-month lease for now, but we'll treat them equitably like we have the other tenants," Holloway said.

Glover says a resolution or answers of any kind can't come soon enough.

"They should treat us better. Speak to us. Let's discuss. It's stressful. I don't think anybody should be put in that situation," said Glover.

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