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VACAVILLE, Calif. -- A Vacaville family is holding a not-so-spooky Halloween for kids and adults with special needs.

The Jackson family wanted to do something for a family friend with a daughter, Rayna Neff, who has autism and is unable to attend Halloween events because of sensory issues.

"Our friend's daughter loves Halloween, but she never gets to come out to see our setup. So my wife wanted to set up early tonight, just so she can do it," said Abraham Jackson.

The Jackson family lives on Shady Glen Court. They decided to open it up to other families who have family members with special needs. Several businesses donated candy, pumpkins, and other goodies, such as pencils, to give out.

"Realize you don't have to be special to do something special," Jackson said. "Just open your heart and be willing to say, 'Hey, I can do this. I can do this just like they did.'"

The family converted their garage into a special haunted house with Charlie Brown and Snoopy, pumpkins, Disney characters, and Christmas decorations.

"The love of our friends for putting this together and having this inspired by Rayna and coming to the haunted house and seeing a poster inspired by Rayna is so touching," said Nicole Neff, Rayna Neff's mother.

Lisa Adsuara, another family friend, said the event is very special to her. Her son Jude has autism, epilepsy, and Tourette's syndrome.

"We're very limited, because he gets scared and has high sensory issues and it's hard for him to be around crowds and lots of noise so this is perfect what they're doing," Adsuara said.

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