April Fool's Day is over,  but the rumor mill is still going strong.

Viewer Joe Snell from Manassas, Virginia wanted us to check out a viral article that claims President Trump signed an executive order legalizing cannabis for private use for Americans over the age of 21. 

So fact or fiction?

People have been sharing this story, but not reading it fully. 


But smack dab at the bottom of the article, the author admits it's all a joke.

LA Weekly article
LA Weekly

Now if you thought the article looked convincing, our Verify researchers found a way you can check if an executive order is legit. 

You can see every executive order President Trump signed on the Federal Register's website

It even lists executive orders going back to 1994 during the Clinton administration.

So far this year, Trump has published 10 executive orders - none of them about making marijuana federally legalized. 

So we verified no, Trump did not sign an executive order legalizing the use of cannabis for private use.