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Yes, Sacramento residents will be asked to start composting in 2022

The city says starting this summer, locals will be able asked to put their "food waste and food-soiled paper in their yard waste container."

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — New years equal the implementation of new laws. 

And one new law is getting some trash talk online. 

We are verifying a rumor you may have seen regarding composting in California.

Dan posted in a Sacramento neighborhood's Nextdoor, asking if others know about a requirement to start composting organic waste. 

Credit: Source: Nextdoor
A question about organic waste on Nextdoor.


Will Sacramento residents be required to compost waste in 2022?



This is true.

A story from the Associated Press titled "California Pushes Composting to Lower Food Waste Emissions" highlights SB13-83, a state law passed in 2016 that goes into effect in 2022, which aims to reduce methane in landfills.

And according to the city of Sacramento, this composting chatter is true. The city says in response to the new law, starting this summer 2022, locals will be able asked to put their "food waste and food-soiled paper in their yard waste container along with tree trimming and other yard waste." What is organic waste: fruit and vegetables, meat, dairy and rotting food.

The city hasn't announced any penalties yet for those who do not separate food waste in the proper bins. 

Businesses in Sacramento began organic recycling on July 1, 2021. Another goal of the new law is to reduce the amount of disposable organic waste by 2025.

Start thinking about composting because come summer time in Sacramento, you will be required to collect food scraps and separate them from your normal garbage. 

if you have something you want us to verify, please text us at 916-321-3310. 

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