A Killeen Police officer was praised on social media after attending a young boy’s birthday party.

Kolton Dieterle, 5, held a police-themed birthday party Sunday.

While planning the party earlier this year, he figured the celebration would not be complete without actual police. So, he made his mother Amanda Dieterle put a stamp on an envelope containing an invitation for the Killeen Police Department. He then put the invitation in the mailbox and waited.

A few weeks ago, Police Spokesperson Ofelia Miramontez called Amanda and coordinated a special visit to the party. She sent Officer Rhoden, who showed up Sunday at 11:30 a.m. He even had Kolton’s invitation in hand.

“I was told there was a party here today. Is there a party here today?” Officer Rhoden said, allowing Kolton to climb into his cruiser to try the sirens and PA system.

Amanda described the encounter as filling her with pure joy.

“We are very pro officers and we teach our boys that they are good people and this proves it,” Amanda said. “They are here to protect and serve. And, serve they do.”

She said Kolton wouldn’t stop talking about Officer Rhoden and insisted upon giving him a cupcake.

Kolton is a pre-K student at Fowler Elementary in Killeen. He wants to become a police officer or soldier when he grows up. Amanda said he has always looked up to first responders.

Reaction was swift and positive on Facebook. Read some comments below.