SACRAMENTO, Calif. — As National Crime Victim’s Rights Week comes to a close, those who have lost loved ones to violent crimes rallied at the state Capitol Saturday for those who could not.

Family members and friends of those who lost their lives to violent crimes brought photos, lit candles, and held signs to honor their loved ones.

Many of those who attended the Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice event, were mothers whose children were killed violently.

Twanna Lucas’ two sons and her mother were killed on October 15, 2016. Since then, she has dedicated her life to helping others who have been victims of domestic violence. 

“My mom was a advocate for Sacramento, for all the youth,” Lucas said. “So my focus is on helping families, women or men, whatever in domestic violence cases.”

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Dr. Nicole Clavo says her son’s killing has motivated her into action. She is now supporting mothers and others who are mourning and celebrating the loss of loved ones.

“It has sprung me more into action, in dealing with loss, in dealing with national organization such as Crime Survivors Safety and Justice,” Clavo said.

Her son JJ was a Grant High School Football player who was shot to death while on his way to a football game.

These family members say it’s important to show solidarity and to continue to bring awareness to the issue. The group is also supporting a number of bill being proposed by the California legislature that would provide support for victims of crimes.


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