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Amy Earnhardt discusses family life, Dale Jr.'s return to the track and more

Dale Jr. is set to return to the track on Sept. 11 at Richmond Raceway for the Xfinity Series race.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Q: "The last time we sat down for an interview you were pregnant with your second child, now you've brought your second child, Miss Nicole, into the world, what's that been like for you?"

A: "It's been awesome. She's a great, great baby. She's been much easier on me than Isla, maybe that's because I knew what I was doing a little bit more, but the two of them together are a lot of fun to watch. Isla's not super excited about being a sister, so if anyone has tips on that let me know. Of course, Nicole is obsessed with Isla so she follows her around and wants everything she's got. We'll see how that plays out. I'm sure Isla will just reach a state someday where she realizes she's her best friend. I'm anxiously awaiting that to happen."

Q: "I always go back and watch our interview from the year before and we kind of talked about if the girls ever wanted to race or be a race car driver and now you have the video of Isla getting her little car for her birthday and she immediately says let's go to the race track."

A: "It's weird how innate that was for her. She's never been to the race track. She has no idea still that her daddy is a race car driver or was a race car driver. It's genetic and I'm just going to have to go with it. You know what's funny about the go-kart is she got in the go-kart and ran into the grass and got scared so she hasn't been on it since, so she takes her scooter to the race track, but she's still into the race track so we'll see how that plays out too."

Q: "You mentioned Dale racing. You have the annual race coming up that he still does -- this time in September at Richmond?"

A: "That's right. Yeah, he's racing at Richmond on 9/11 so I'll take the girls." 

Q: "So that'll be a family affair?"

A: "Absolutely. Dale would be really upset with me if I didn't take those girls to watch him get in the race car."

Q: "For your next birthday, is that a milestone birthday?"

A: "It is. I'm turning 40 next year."

Q: "When you think about the last decade and approaching 40 what are some memories that come to mind?"

A: "Oh my gosh, there's so many. I don't really know what to stick on. The last 10 years have been a rollercoaster. I met Dale when I was 26 so that's wild to even think about too, that we've known each other so long. It's been crazy, but 40 is awesome. I'm excited to have a 40th birthday. We'll see what 40 years looks like and 50 years looks like and hopefully on and on. Dale didn't seem to care when he turned 40 so hopefully it won't be a big deal."

Q: "What's been the biggest surprise for you now being a mother of two?"

A: "I just don't know what I used to do with my time. I love being a mom. These kids are amazing and hilarious and so much fun. I just can't imagine what I used to do with myself to entertain myself. Life is full and fulfilled and I'm super happy."

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