Sacramento High School sophomore Lorenzo Powell packs a mean punch and has a title belt to show for it. The 15-year-old is just getting his boxing career started but he has aspirations of Olympic proportions.

"I think my strength is being very disciplined and being able to fight a lot of different styles," Powell said.

Powell picked up boxing when he was 11-years-old and while he's only been training for just over three years but he's already a National Champion and his coach, Marty Chima, says his work ethic is unmatched.

"We train sometimes seven days a week, usually six days a week where we train and on Saturdays we go run," Powell explained.

That kind of routine has helped Powell reach his 12-1 record.

"The hardest part was taking that loss," Powell said. "I don't feel like I lost, I feel like I won but I think that was the hardest part of my whole journey. I just stay positive, come back in the gym, train harder and try to get them next time."

Powell's next fight is coming up in May and he is working toward representing Team USA as a member of the Junior Olympics boxing team. His ultimate goal is to be better than "The Best Ever," his favorite fighter, Floyd Mayweather Jr..

"I want to break his record," Powell said.

Powell ditched football and basketball to focus on fighting, which has helped teach the 3.3 GPA student learn a lot about discipline.

"You can't cut corners and cheat because it's going to come back to you," Powell explained.

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